Rocklands: A trad diary with James Pearson & Caroline Ciavaldini

In the summer of 2014, James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini traveled to¬†Rocklands, South Africa‚ÄĒbut unlike most climbers, they weren’t headed there for the bouldering. Instead, James and Caroline packed their bags¬†to explore the less traveled¬†frontiers of climbing in the area; namely, in¬†the form of trad.

The thing I remember most from¬†the trip is the feeling of excitement. Realizing that‚ÄĒGod, we’ve explored such a tiny part of this world. We went to an an area that everybody knows; that everyone’s¬†been climbing at¬†for years and years and years, and you walk 50 meters up the path and there is unlimited potential.

-James Pearson


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To follow more of James and Caroline’s¬†adventures, check out their blog.

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