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Moja Gear is a rock climbing magazine whose mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire rock climbers around the world. Moja Gear first started publishing in 2013 with two co-founders who were in love with the sport and living the dream dirtbag life. In early 2020, Moja Gear acquired I Love Climbing, a rock climbing social community founded in 2009. I Love Climbing connects climbers through our passion for rock climbing and our desire to preserve the sacred places where we climb. Together, Moja Gear and I Love Climbing have the largest rock climbing social media presence in the world!

Moja Gear is driven by the contributions of readers and writers like you. Our stories, videos, athlete profiles, destination guides, and climbing gear buying guides have touched climbers in all corners of the globe. We have spoken with legends and prodigies, touched on topics of sexism and racial inclusion, and pushed online climbing content in new directions. Millions of climbers, from nearly every country, have tuned in.

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A note from our Editor in Chief:

Climbing took root with people who lived on the fringes of society. Oddballs, outcasts, wanderers, and adventurers laid the groundwork for modern climbing and set the tone for welcoming people from all walks of life. The inclusivity of the climbing community is precious. I’m proud of the inclusivity that Moja Gear has represented from the beginning, and I am grateful for this community who has kept us honest and kind. Because of this, Moja Gear and I Love Climbing have the most gender-balanced rock climbing community of all the major climbing brands.

However, this is not enough. As we are all aware, our community has yet to make a significant welcome for BIPOC climbers. The potential we have to rewrite the future of climbing is exciting and real, and this is a mission we take seriously.

Let’s all continue to be ambassadors and advocates for inclusivity and sustainability. Let’s commit to a future where everyone, everywhere can enjoy rock climbing, for generations to come.

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Brian List, Editor in Chief

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