In this video, Paul Robinson walks us through an advanced indoor workout he uses to prepare for some of his challenging projects on real rock.

Workout summary

Warm-up exercises

  • 10-second dead hang on jugs; 3x
  • Campusing on jug system; starting from 2nd rung; 2x
  • Campusing on ball pinches; skip 1, skip 1; 2x
  • Campusing on 1″ sloper rung; skip 1, skip 1; 2x

Primary exercises

  • Campusing on large edge; 1-3-6; 2x
  • Campusing on large edge; 1-3-6-8-9; 3x
  • 5-second hang on medium edge; 25lbs; 5x each arm
  • Campusing on medium pinch ladder; skip 1, skip 1; 2x
  • Campusing on large edge; 1-5-8; 3x
  • 10-second hang, 5-second rest on smallest edge; 5 hangs per round; 3x
  • Large edge staggered pull-ups; 5 pull-ups between 1-4 rungs; 3x (15 pull-ups each side)
  • 10-second wood block pinch pull/hold; 3x

Core exercises

  • 30-second plank on TRX; 2x
  • 30-second leg-ups on TRX; 2x
  • 30-second mountain climber on TRX; 2x
  • 30-second plank on TRX; 2x
  • Ab roller; 10 times; 3x

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