Cigarette butts are a huge nuisance for those of us that like to leave an area better than we found it. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered around the world each year. These little yellow butts leach harmful chemicals into our drinking water and oceans, and take many years to break down. While cigarette butt trash is harmful everywhere it occurs, it is particularly harmful to find some of the most pristine environments in the world affected by this careless litter.

Metolius and Moja Gear logos

Metolius and Moja Gear are using their market-leading technology to solve this pain-in-the-butt cigarette butt problem. For this reason, Metolius and Moja Gear are proud to announce a new collaborative product:

BCYB Underwear: Butts to Cover Your Butt Underwear for Men

These new men’s underwear are completely made out of recycled cigarette butts!

BCBY Underwear

Utilizing a new patent-pending process, Metolius is converting toxic waste into coccyx waist.

Cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals such as arsenic, cadmium, nicotine, and lead into our groundwater. If you love the earth more than life itself, then these babies are for you! Normal industrial clothing processes remove harmful chemicals from their materials and then release them into the wild. However, for BCYB Underwear, Metolius utilizes a new patent-pending process that keeps all these toxic chemicals on the fibers, allowing your own body to act as a filter for the earth.

ash tray for BCBY Underwear from Metolius
Brian List of Moja Gear shares the “ah-ha moment” that led to BCYB Underwear.

The challenge of how to filter all the chemicals from the trillions of cigarette butts really had me down.

“Suddenly, I realized that each of us is carrying around one of the best filters on earth, our livers! If I could find a way to keep the chemicals on the underwear, we could enable the people wearing the underwear to slowly absorb the chemicals into their own bodies, so their renal systems can filter out the waste.”

How you can help:

Jar of cigarette butts

Cover your butt! Start collecting butts today. Photo by Jasmin Sessler

  1. Order a smokin’ hot pair of BCYB Underwear from Metolius today! buy-now
  2. Start beautifying your local crag and your neighborhood by collecting all the cigarette butts you can find.
  3. Send your butts to Butt Headquarters, located at:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington D.C. 20500 USA


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