Meet the new owner of!  Gear guides, stories, athlete profiles, destination guides and more to come from Moja Gear to your inbox each week.

Dear Readers,

I’m Brian, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be continuing the tradition of supporting the climbing community through Moja Gear. You can absolutely expect Moja Gear to continue bringing you stories, videos, athlete profiles, destination guides, and gear guides straight from climbers like yourselves. Moja Gear is, after all, “a hub for all things climbing!”

A little about me

I started climbing about the time that Sander and Natalie started Moja Gear. Over the past several years, learning about climbing, teaching others, and meeting new climbing friends has become a passion in my life. I’ve been an athlete for most of my life but I had never met a challenge quite like climbing. Studying to understand the balance between skill and fitness, strength and endurance, and the mental and physical demands of climbing is a never-ending journey that I love.

Co-founder Natalie and new owner Brian discuss the future of Moja Gear

In addition to all the great content you have already seen from Moja Gear, you can expect to see lots of fun and informative new features coming your way. Here is a sneak peek at just of few of these items:

Climbing Events

Climbing festivals and events offer a special opportunity to meet new friends and learn new climbing skills. Expect to see a special page on to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the climbing world.

Growing Our Community

Highlighted content for women climbers to connect with beta, training, and gear.  We seek to support and promote the creation of climbing communities where everyone feels included, whether on the wall at the gym or with friends at the crag. All climbers belong here.

Beginner Training

Climbing can be overwhelming to new climbers. Understanding and learning about gear, places, terms, climbing skills, and climbing fitness while enduring a healthy dose of fear can be overwhelming to those new to the sport. Many climbers, myself included, didn’t receive proper instruction when they first started and ended up developing bad habits which they had to break later on. You can expect to see more content and plans dedicated to helping each of us improve our fundamental understanding of rock climbing.

Thank you all so much for your heartfelt response and support for Sander and Natalie. Rest assured they are training me how to properly care for Moja Gear, and I look forward to seeing you in your Inbox each week!


Brian List