Tuzgle, Argentina is a climbing mecca with gems of boulders untouched

Follow Nalle Hukkataival on his travels to South America as he explores a new zone of bouldering in Argentina. Enjoy the massive blocs, vast expanse, and rugged wind-swept valley.

This is Tuzgle.

As Nalle puts it, if these boulders were in the US, near Whole Foods, they would be the most popular blocs in the world. However, at 14,500 feet (4,400 meters), these giants are placed where only a few intrepid seekers have visited.

Nelson Carayannis captured a wealth of footage from Nalle’s trip, documenting first ascents and repeats of Tuzgle’s classic lines. Time to get psyched for the fall bouldering season!

The epic film is by Mind Frame Cinema and Black Diamond

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