Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for a Beginner Climber

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Got a beginner climber on your list? Here are Moja Gear’s must-have items for anyone taking the plunge into the (best) sport (of all time):

GripPro Trainer Hand Grip Forearm Strength Gripper — $7.95

GripPro Trainer Hand Grip Forearm Strength GripperThe process of regaining strength in your forearms can be a bummer for any climber who can’t get on the rock frequently. That’s why, grippers are ideal for retaining strength when climbing isn’t an option. While most are therapeutic or designed to build only some muscles in your forearms, the GripPro Trainer serves as an effective finger-hand-forearm trainer that will build the strength and endurance of your entire forearm. In an ultra portable and easy to use design, you can get strong with any of the 3 difficulty levels options.

Why they’ll love it:

Climbers will find virtually any excuse to recreate some semblance of climbing sensation when they can’t get on rocks. So for your friend or family member stuck at the office when they’d rather be dirtbagging in Joshua Tree, help them channel their frustrations with the gift of the GripPro Forearm Strength Gripper.

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Kendal Jackson Chalk Bag — $20


Family-operated in Tampa, FL, KJ Bags began 10 years ago with the simple idea that people are unique, and the bags they use in their daily life should reflect that individuality. As climbers, those at KJ Bags aim to enrich the climbing community with chalk bags made by hand in small batches and with only the best fabrics. Keeping environmental stewardship at the forefront of each product, materials for each bag are sourced from scraps at local upholsterers, seamstresses, and sailing shops.

Why they’ll love it:

A chalk bag is more than just a chalk vessel—its a person’s treasured piece of climbing swag. So when looking for a great gift to make any climber smile, you can’t go wrong with the gift of a one-of-a-kind, crafted chalk bag from KJ Bags.

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Metolius Chalk Sock — $4.95

chalk sockA best friend to any chalk bag, the Metolius Chalk Sock is recloseable, which allows you to refill chalk at any point in time. And of course, it comes filled with the northern hemisphere’s finest 100% magnesium carbonate on the planet. The Chalk Sock serves as the ideal solution for keeping hands coated and dry for optimal sendage, without the worry of spillage.

Why they’ll love it:

No climber will ever turn down extra chalk. And the chalk sock from Metolius is the perfect stocking stuffer. This gift is guaranteed to get use from whatever rock-mongerer gets their hands on it.

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Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device — $99.95

Petzl GriGri2

Twenty years after the first GriGri was released, Petzl came out with an updated version of their widely-popular device—the GriGri 2. The newest version is lighter and more compact, all while maintaining the same mode of action and functionality. The GriGri 2 is great for lead or top rope belaying, and the hand motions are the same as with tube-style belay devices. The GriGri 2 combines a patented handle design that allows for gradual release of the rope with strong braking action—providing the device with fantastic descent control for lowering or rappelling.

Why they’ll love it:

When used properly, Petzl’s GriGri 2 can make life as a belayer a little bit easier and a little bit safer. And the gift of a GriGri to a belayer, is like making an upgrade from a Honda to Mercedes (kind of … ). So give a little bit of luxury to your loved one, with a compact, lightweight, and durable device that offers unparalleled brake assistance.

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Metolius Alpine Personal Anchor System (PAS) — $34.95

Metolius Alpine Personal Anchor System (PAS)

When topping out and anchoring in, it’s important to have a system that’s adjustable, lightweight, and secure. Enter the Metolius Alpine PAS. While some elect to use daisy chains as their anchoring system, these pose a major risk of pocket failure; wherein the loops of the daisy chain are susceptible to tearing when incorrectly clipped. This is incredibly dangerous, especially for newer, less experienced climbers. The Alpine PAS is a much safer alternative, with the individual loops of webbing each rated at 14kN.

Why they’ll love it:

Setting beginners up for high safety success is paramount to the future of their climbing career. So add efficiency, safety, and convenience to a noobie’s anchoring experiences, by gifting them with the Alpine PAS as their go-to, lightweight personal anchoring solution.

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Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet — $59.95

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Climbing can be dangerous. And while we protect ourselves with ropes, harnesses, and more, we often forget to use our heads and wear a helmet. The newest iteration of the Black Diamond’s Half Dome is 40 grams lighter than its predecessor, meaning it won’t weigh you down while still providing ample protection with its molded EPS foam. More comfortable than ever, it features an improved fit, plenty of ventilation, and a highly adjustable suspension system.

Why they’ll love it:

Few climbers will refuse to wear their helmet if they have one, but convincing climbers to buy one on their own can be a hard sell. Help give the climber on your list (and yourself!) some peace of mind, knowing that BD’s Half Dome will protect them in all of their crag outings.

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BlueWater Eliminator 10.2mm Standard Rope

BlueWater’s 10.2 Eliminator Standard is a go-to climbing rope for all occasions: top roping, leading, trad, and more. Combining the durability of a 10mm+ rope at only 64g/meter, this rope choice will allow for years of cragging, while being light in the pack too. A key differentiator of this climbing rope is its low impact force coupled with a relatively low static elongation rating (8.5%). This means that the Eliminator will provide comfortable catches on lead, while being great for top roping sessions, too.

Why they’ll love it:

A brand new rope might just be one of the best ways to show a climber how much you love them. And with the versatile Eliminator from BlueWater, you’re gifting a lucky climber with a rope they can use for years to come, whether they’re top-roping, heroically leading sport climbs, or journeying their way through multi-pitch trad climbs.

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Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack — $79.95

Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack

You can’t go wrong with a 6-pack of the trusted PosiWire Quickdraws. These are ideal for those of us who dabble in the many types of climbing the sport has to offer, and who want a versatile draw, usable for all of the adventures in our lives. Fortunately, your wallet won’t be blasted away by these, either. With a durable, thin and simple Dynex Dogbone between the ‘biners, these ‘draws provide a lightweight design, perfect for multipitches and longer routes where you don’t want any extra bulk on your harness.

Why they’ll love it:

Brand new quickdraws might be better than meeting Santa Claus as a kid, and giving the gift of BD’s trusted and versatile PosiWire ‘draws will leave whatever lucky climber you give them to psyched to get clipping away in the outdoors. They might run out of the house in search of rocks immediately after, but we promise, that’s a good sign.

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