Maybe you’re a hipster yourself. Or maybe you’re dating a hipster. Have a hipster child or a hipster sibling? Think about it—someone on your gift list is a hipster and if your hipster also has a thing for nature, then this birthday, Christmas, and “just because” list is for you.

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Field Notes Notebook

Field Notes Notebook Holiday Gift for Hipster Adventurer


The best adventures deserve documentation. These stylish and portable notebooks can fit in a back pocket or a small daypack until the moment calls. They are elegant in their simplicity, with just 3 staples binding the pages between brown covers.


Opinel Knife

Opinel Knife gift for hipster outdoor adventurer

Made in Savoie, France since 1890, the Opinel knife has become a symbol of both simple functionality and French culture. The New York Museum of Modern Art has exhibited the knife as a design masterpiece and it has been a favorite of artists, adventurers, mountaineers, and explorers for the past century. Pablo Picasso kept the knife with him at all times and used it to carve many of his sculptures. Whether preparing food at a dinner party or cutting kindling for a campfire, this knife will never disappoint.


Zippo Lighter

Zippo chrome lighter gift for outdoor adventurer

Just as the Opinel knife is undoubtedly a symbol of French culture, the Zippo lighter stands as a distinct piece of Americana. Its windproof flame makes it perfectly suited for the outdoors and unlike common butane lighters, it performs well in cold weather and high altitudes. In addition, Zippo lighters come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee, “It works or we fix it free.”


EPIC Provisions Beef Protein Bars

EPIC Provisions pursues a simple goal to make the most wholesome energy food on the planet: create snacks that embrace the diets of our ancestors. Their foods are crafted with livestock that consume biologically appropriate diets and roam with freedom. Moreover, EPIC Provisions participates in large-scale grassland restoration efforts, striving to create a healthy balance between agriculture and the natural world. These protein bars are not only delicious, they support the healthy omnivorous diet that mother nature intended.


prAna Como Te Journeyman T-Shirt


Prana Como Te Journeyman T-Shirt - Men's

Just because there’s not anyone around to read it, doesn’t mean you can’t add a little obscure humor to your outdoor wardrobe.
And what better way than with this clever, minimalist graphic tee.  It’s organic cotton and polyester blend is not only moisture wicking and super soft, but a bit more eco friendly, too!



“Where the Buffalo Roam” United by Blue Copper Mug

"Where the Buffalo Roam" United by Blue Copper 14oz Mug


This luxurious mug doesn’t just hold water, it cleans it. United by Blue removes a pound of trash from our oceans and waterways every time a product is sold. Perfect for coffee, tea, or just plain water, the Copper Mug looks fit for an upscale restaurant, but it’s sturdy enough to be tossed into a backpack.


Aeropress Coffee Maker



A love of coffee shouldn’t be limited to cities, and with the Aeropress any campsite can rival a coffee shop. The Aeropress uses a completely unique brewing technique that gives birth to coffee with less acidity and bitterness than traditional brewers. In addition, cleanup is a breeze; less time is spent fiddling with the brewer and more time is spent enjoying the coffee. Don’t be surprised if the Aeropress makes its way into the kitchen for daily brewing between trips outside!


MIIR Howler Growler Water Bottle

Miir Howler Bottle Gift for Outdoor Hipster Adventurer


A bottle purchased from MiiR is a commitment to providing clean water to communities in need around the globe. 5% of MiiR’s revenues are re-invested in global community projects, so this bottle is a gift of better beverages in the outdoors and a gift to the world’s neediest, as well. Essentially, MiiR bottles feature double-wall vacuum insulation, keeping drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The threadless lid never leaks and it can even seal in carbonation.


El Paso Designs Mexican Blanket


Perfect for star gazing, picnics, and even yoga, this Mexican Blanket won’t disappoint. It is hand-woven with thick and durable fabric, which becomes softer after each wash. It is comparable in size to a full bed and its vibrant colors make it appropriate as both an outdoor blanket and indoor decor.


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Hardcore Hammers Naturalist Hatchet



What is a trip into the wild without a campfire? The Hardcore Hammers Hatchet is perfect for chopping wood for the warmth that a home outside so desperately needs. The long hickory handle and carbon steel alloy head turn cutting into a breeze, and make for a gorgeous tool.


Poler Rucksack

Poler has carved out quite a niche for themselves in the outdoor-hipster-adventurer category, and for good reason. Much of their success can be attributed to making awesomely durable and functional gear that not only performs, but also looks sweet, too.


Tree Tribe Bamboo Sunglasses

Tree Tribe Wooden Sunglasses are the birthchild of the great outdoors and fashion-forward eyewear. Venturing outside necessitates protection from the sun, and these sunglasses will provide protection while demonstrating a connection to our earth. In addition, Tree Tribe will plant 10 trees (yes, 10!) with every purchase.


Primus Onja Stove

Undeniably, the Primus Onja is the coolest camping stove to carry around town. It quickly converts from a stylish messenger bag into a two-burner stove, complete with an oak cutting board. Whether it is an excursion to a local park or a foray into the woods, this stove will cook food and turn heads. In addition, the two burners allow for much-needed flexibility when cooking more elaborate outdoor meals. Watch this video for details.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Books are heavy, but carrying 1,000 of them into the woods is a breeze with the Kindle Paperwhite. Unlike traditional tablets, the Paperwhite can be used in sunlight with no screen glare and the battery last weeks instead of hours. The built-in light allows reading to continue late into the night. Whether it’s Thoreau in the woods or Kerouac on the open road, the Paperwhite will always come in handy.


Braven BRV Pro Speaker


Perfect for the musically-inclined outdoor adventurer, the Braven BRV Pro is ready to be dropped, tossed, and splashed without consequence. Most importantly, the speaker features robust sound and rich bass. It will fill the air with crisp sound for many seasons. Plus, it can even be used to recharge a dead phone!


Symphonized Wraith Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Bluetooth Genuine Wood Wireless Headphones

These noise-isolating headphones deliver crystal clear sound while blending into the natural world. The wood trim is perfectly suited for the outdoors and the adjustable metal headbands ensure a perfect fit. Finally, the faux leather ear cushions ensure comfort and noise isolation with a vegan friendly bent. And since they’re wireless and fully bluetooth capable, you won’t find yourself limited by a pesky cord while jamming out in the the great outdoors.


Duluth Pack Wanderer

Some packs favor appearance, some packs favor performance, and an elite few blend both without compromising either. The Wanderer Pack is made with waxed canvas and leather reinforcement on all rivets. It is small enough to be appropriate for day trips, but can also accommodate enough equipment for overnight outings. This gift will last more than just seasons—it will last generations.

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